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Below you can find some informative videos for patients on the most common pathologies treated by Dr. Berjano’s team. The videos demonstrate the applications of scientific publications on minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of complex spine pathologies: minimally invasive anterior arthrodesis with the XLIF technique, core decompression and microsurgery treatment of herniated thoracic disc with a minimally invasive technique, vertebral stent implants for osteoporotic fractures, substitution of vertebral bodies for the correction of kyphotic deformity caused by severe fractures, microdiscectomy for recurrent lumbar disc herniation.

Minimally invasive Lumbar Arthodesis with XLIF

Microsurgery with core compression for herniated thoracic disc

Minimally invasive treatment of osteoporotic vertebral fracture

Microdiscectomy for recurrent lumbar herniated disc

Correction of kyphosis after a vertebral fracture with minimally invasive corpectomy technique

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