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Dr. Berjano’s team performs 450 surgical interventions per year, of which two thirds involve an elevated complexity:

- Vertebral Arthodesis for severe adult spinal deformity, kyphosis, scoliosis.

- Revision interventions for arthrodesis and failed spine surgery

- Correction of post-traumatic deformity

- Core spinal decompression

- Cervical myelopathy

- Cervical spine deformity

- Spine surgery with an anterior approach

- disc prostheses


- Vertebroplasty

- Cervical disc hernia

- Lumbar disc hernia


- Hip prosthesis

- Hip prosthesis revision


Produces more than 25 scientific publications per year in important international journals.


IF 115 points (in 69 publications with IF)


Participates in more than 30 conferences per year as the Chairman



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